Bluetooth Modul mit BLE (Low Energy) und CC2541 Chip (HC-05 Nachfolger) / HM10 / iBeacon

Bluetooth Modul mit BLE (Low Energy) und CC2541 Chip (HC-05 Nachfolger) / HM10 / iBeacon

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Bluetooth Modul mit BLE Technik und Texas CC2541 Chipsatz. Einfach zu verwenden als serielle Schnittstelle an Arduino Mikrocontrollern.

Ermögliocht die Kommunikation zwischen Mikrocontrollern, als auch zwischen Mikrocontrollern und weiteren Bluetooth-Geräten, wie Smartphones, Tablets usw.

Ein interessanter Artikel zu Bluetoothmodulen befindet sich bei Heise:

1. Simple to use, without any Bluetooth protocol stack experience;
2. User Interface Universal Serial Design, full duplex two-way communication;
3. Support bridging mode (serial transparent transmission), or direct drive mode (no additional CPU required);
Default connection interval of 20ms, fast connection;
5. Support AT commands to modify the baud rate, software reset module, access to MAC address, modify the module name;
6. Support AT commands to adjust the Bluetooth connection interval, control the different forwarding rate. (Dynamic Power Adjustment);
Serial data packet length, can be less than 200byte (including 200) length. (Bales automatically distributed);
8. High-speed transparent transmission rate up to 4K / S, stable at 2.5K-2.8K;
9. Support mobile device APP to modify the name of the Bluetooth module, power-down save;
10. Support mobile device APP to modify the baud rate, power-down save;
11. Support mobile device APP module for remote reset;
12. Support for mobile APP to adjust the Bluetooth connection interval, not saved. (Dynamic Power Adjustment);
13. Supports fast test, no need to connect any external device to test wireless and serial communication;
14. Includes debug port including a complete IO external extension;
15. Support connection status, broadcast status prompt pin / General IO flexible configuration;
16.6 bidirectional programmable IO, external interrupt trigger input detection, all low-power operation. (Trigger alarm, lighting
Control, remote control toys and other input and output switching applications);
17.2 Single Programmable Timer / Period Invert Output Port. (Smart appointment time application);
18. Two ADC inputs (14 bits), enable / disable, freely configurable sampling period. (Humidity, temperature, luminosity, etc. should be
19. Four programmable PWM (120Hz) outputs. (Dimming, control and other applications);
20. RSSI continuous acquisition module side, read automatically notify the APP, enable / disable, free to set the acquisition frequency. (Find
Anti-lost alarm);
21. Support module power indicator, power read, can be automatically notified. (Equipment power alarm);
22. support anti-hijack password settings, modify and restore, to prevent malicious third-party connections. May not be used. independent
Password operation result notification, convenient APP programming;
23. A low-power standby mode, the CC2540 chip sleep current official data 0.4uA, the measured power module is as follows:
* 1 Note: The official test mode: In the power loop resistor string 10R, use the oscilloscope to intercept the waveform drop,
Points calculation.
* 2 NOTE: Multimeter test mode: Use the multimeters uA or mA profile string view to display the values ??between the cell and the module.
The test voltage is 3.07V.

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